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Serving King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties

Goll Motors offers the only mobile auto consignment service in Washington State, allowing you to keep and continue using your vehicle while all marketing, inquiries, viewings, and final sale are being handled by an experienced industry professional.  We understand that every individual has their own set of priorities and values and, therefore, there is no single consignment program that will suit every person's needs.  For this reason, each of our clients are provided with a personalized plan of action to achieve the end goal of selling their car or truck in the most convenient and efficient manner possible.

                                       WHY USE GOLL MOTORS TO SELL YOUR CAR OR TRUCK?

Your vehicle gets appraised by an industry professional, ensuring that it's marketed and sold for its true value.

You don't have to waste your time meeting with people who aren't serious buyers.  We handle all marketing, inquiries, demonstrations and negotions - You simply collect your money when the vehicle has sold.

In addition to the convenience factor of our service, it's more affordable than any conventional auto consignment service currently offered - The nature of our business provides lower overhead for us which translates to lower fees for you.

To learn more about Goll Motors and the drive behind the company, please visit the about page.

For more information about all of our innovative offerings, please visit the services page.

side from our unique consignment service, the biggest difference is probably the fact that we don't care much for auto dealers.  That is actually the one of the main reasons this company was started - There are entirely too many dishonest, unethical auto dealerships that will tell anyone anything just to sell a car or truck.  Considering the fact that we are derived from an auto enthusiast background, this company is first and foremost a business of interest and pleasure.  We're here to kindly and honestly assist and educate people through the process of buying or selling a vehicle, in a way that we'd personally like to be treated.  With Goll Motors, you'll never hear anything like "what do I have to do to get you in this car today?"  Instead, you'll receive honest, fact based advice that pertains to your situation, whether or not it benefits our company's bottom line.  We're here to reform an industry that is in dire need of some honest professionals.  Give us a call and experience the difference yourself.

206.283.GOLL (4655)

                                                                                FEATURED VEHICLE

                                    2003 Audi RS6 - 1 of Only 860 Sold in the US.
                                                                                              Visit Inventory Page for Futher Details.



Goll Motors, LLC is a licensed and bonded Washington State Motor Vehicle Dealer.